The Role of the Gut in Mental Health

We are seeing research catch up to what integrative physicians and practitioners have seen for years. That the gut plays a particularly monumental role in the overall health and functioning of an individual. This includes the mental health of the person as well.

For some time, mental health was not synonamous with integrative or holistic health. But what we are seeing is a movement toward integrative treatments like testing for food allergies/intolerances, diet, supplements, mindfulness practice, etc. And what we are finding is a true “fix” for people where previously their medication based treatments were lacking.

Our physicians and practitioners often see patients who are frustrated that their conventional, pharmaceutical based treatment protocol is not resolving the issue and worse yet, could be requiring even more pharmaceuticals as a result!

The same is true even for children these days. Childhood disorders like ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc. are skyrocketing. Children are being diagnosed with behavioral disorders at a shocking rate. And yet we know the power that food, food additives, artificial colors, etc. play in the role of behavior. This article “How Food is Responsible for Behavioral Issues in Children” explores this issue further.

We know the power of biomedical testing, the power of diet change, the power of supplementation when necessary. And the results speak for themselves. Our goal at IMMH is to continue to educate on this subject and help physicians and practitioners effectively treat these commonly seen issues and disorders.

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